1. Ilkka says

    Plenty of depth of field even at such close range. Must be a small aperture. So what’s the difference to GRD3 or 4? Not criticizing, just trying to understand. Now everybody goes gaga over this new GR but I am pretty sure the same image could have been made with one of the older, and 60% cheaper, models.

      • Ilkka says

        There is nothing wrong with the previous lens, except it was a stop faster. Bigger sensor is better, yes. I think it matters if you print 20″x30″ but not in smaller 8x10prints. Pixel peeping is different. Actual prints look very nice from 3 and 4. I personally think Ricoh should have put the 1″ Nikon 1/ Sony RX sensor into a GR and made a 1.8 lens for it. Body could be same size as before, not this gradual increase every second generation.

    • Plenty of difference Ilkka. Size for starters, the GR feels a lot better than the GR3/4 ever did. The reason everyone goes gaga over this GR is because its got a great sensor ilkka, I can do things with the GR that I can never even dream of with previous models. I know you’re highlighting street photography but as I have said in the past, click the GR review link above, this camera is way more than a streetshooter. If you want a street photographer camera only, then the GRD3/4 will be fine. If you want that and more, then get a GR.

      • Ilkka says

        That is a good point. I have the GXR for the other things, with both the (slow) 24-85 zoom on 16mp APS sensor and the 50mm macro on 12mp APS sensor. For street I have 3 and 4 and dont feel the need for GR.

  2. Great Jorge! Those GR files really translate into black and white extremely well. I am loving this little GR for street work too. It is the best GR by far!

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