Fuji X100 LE, Weekly Project 2014
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X Series 03 | 2014

X marks the Spot

Its easy to get lost in the all the hoopla of new camera and lens releases. I see the news and read all the posts and for sure its quite interesting and jaw dropping, c’mon who wouldn’t want a new 56mm 1.2 R. But in all that news, one can’t forget what one has. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again the X100LE doesn’t cease to amaze me. The more I shoot with it the more I love it. I have yet to try its high flash sync speeds in the studio but I have a shoot coming soon that I’m sure I’ll get to put it through its paces.

captured with the Fuji X100 LE


  1. Michael head says

    Are you talking about the x100 black limited? That’s the “LE” right? I’ve thought about picking one up but can’t decide if I should go for x100s. I love my Ricoh group and my Fuji x10. I love fixed lenses cameras.

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