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Portraits and Lens Distortion

With the recent release of the Fuji 56mm 1.2 and other native XF mount lens like the Rokinon 85mm 1.4 I must say that portraits have been on my mind quite a bit. I’m still debating how much I would actually use a lens in the following focal lengths ie. anything from an effective focal length of 85mm to 150mm. To be honest, I don’t think I would be using quite often but more specific projects.  With that said, I’m actively looking for a legacy lens somewhere in the aforementioned effective focal lengths that will serve as a pinch hitter in my kit when I seek that focal lengths.

Take the jump and check out how the various focal lengths affect portraits and how the lens distortion is quite varied as well.

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  1. I can understand your thinking Jorge. The image posts I have seen from the Fuji 56 look wonderful. I hardly ever use lenses in that focal length as well. I have a couple of legacy lenses in the 50-60mm range with appropriate adapters, that I would utilize if and when needed.

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