Disconnected Fragments
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Flamenco Girl

I’ve had a nice and long hiatus from photographing, enough to put a lot of things perspective which I hope to share on this blog. Jumping forward, the aspect of a digital darkroom is always evolving and we can get so entrenched in our ways, well at least I have with Lightroom, Bridge, and Photoshop so after hearing so much of Capture One I decided to download the trial and give it a spin. I understand the new muscle memories will have to be built in the process but so far I’m quite impressed with C1. Since I don’t have a full blown catalog, I’m processing some old files from various years and so I figured I would get about 150 images from my 40,000 photo library and start playing with a good chunk of these and see how they fare vs Lightroom. Here’s a quick sample from my old Panasonic GF1, it may not be the most technically executed shot but it has a certain something something that just screams in my opinion. And this leads me to another issue, and that’s the infamous megapixel wars but that’s another series of post I will develop in the weeks to come.

Panasonic, Lumix, GF1, Street Photography, Flamenco, Spanish, Dancing

Flamenco Girl | Processed in Capture One to my liking

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