Just a brief update. Hope everyone is having a great week, its Friday and I just wanted to say the Week 11 | 2012 is done and will be published tomorrow. I think I’m going for a Saturday deadline as I’d like to rest on Sunday’s and not really focus on the blog at all. Big changes coming soon.

6 thoughts on “Smokes

  1. Blonde beer & cigarette brunettes. The Gourds once called them tiny little torch. And that’s the way I look at them when it’s dark, I’m still out on the balcony for one last tiny little torch.

    A great frame, Jorge!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

    1. Thanks Fritsch, I’ve always been drawn by cigars, we have lots of Cuban cigars down here and those are always a treat. Once in a while I have one.

    1. Hilarious Mack, never thought of it that way as I don’t smoke but I’m photographically attracted to cigarettes for some reason, thanks for chiming in.

      1. No problem, I’m a non-smoker too Jorge, you did a nice job here. Marlboro’s marketing department would love to have you on their team, I’m sure of it! hehe

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