I still remember tinkering with WordPress about 5 years. I knew very little and I took a long time to even learn what CSS meant. Fast forward to today and the story has changed and so has my favorite blogging platform – WordPress.

A few years ago if you wanted to have a customized version of anything one had to go the self hosted route. These days, WordPress.com is on the forefront of bringing useful tools and themes for all type of bloggers, creatives(photographers), and organizations.

I recently took a look at the root of my server’s host and was horrified with its nested sub- domains and domains. Trust me, it was not a pretty site. So once again I took a little cyber stroll at the latest WordPress.com themes and instantly fell in love with this current design. I no longer needed a separate urls (domain) to host my growing portfolio images and blog as they will all live here happily ever after and with a better organization structure.

With that said, http://www.ledesmaphotography.com will no longer be updated and it will soon disappear of the web as I’m going to pull the plug once I’ve consolidated all my digital content here. I’m thinking about two weeks at the most. Also http://www.ledesmaportfolio will go thru a similar process as well. I hope for your continued readership of these thoughts and images relating to photography and I take this opportunity to once again say – Thank You.