Ricoh GR
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Ricoh GR: Silver Efex Preset

These words ring so true when you really think about it. Anatomically, our eyes see a scene which our nervous system interprets as “whatever” the scene happens to be and as a result other neurons create a feeling or sensation. Here’s Daido expanding with a great quote. This is so pure gold.

Each photograph is felt, but there isn’t just one reason for releasing the shutter—there are several reasons, even with a single exposure. The act of photographing is a physiological and concrete response but there is definitely some awareness present. When I take snapshots, I am always guided by feeling, so even in that moment when I’m taking a photograph it is impossible to explain the reason for the exposure. Something might, for example, seem erotic to me. That in itself is a gradation that contains a multiplicity of elements ― Daido Moriyama

All photographs by Jorge Ledesma ― Ricoh GR ― click on the images to view them full screen


  1. Alex says

    is there any possibility to download this preset somewhere?

  2. Tad says

    Great PP. Beautifully rich files with crisp, contrasty depth and bokeh. I wasn’t sure about this camera until I hit your site; completely sold at this point.

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