Ricoh GR: Silver Efex Preset

These words ring so true when you really think about it. Anatomically, our eyes see a scene which our nervous system interprets as “whatever” the scene happens to be and as a result other neurons create a feeling or sensation. Here’s Daido expanding with a great quote. This is so pure gold.

Each photograph is felt, but there isn’t just one reason for releasing the shutter—there are several reasons, even with a single exposure. The act of photographing is a physiological and concrete response but there is definitely some awareness present. When I take snapshots, I am always guided by feeling, so even in that moment when I’m taking a photograph it is impossible to explain the reason for the exposure. Something might, for example, seem erotic to me. That in itself is a gradation that contains a multiplicity of elements ― Daido Moriyama

All photographs by Jorge Ledesma ― Ricoh GR ― click on the images to view them full screen

12 thoughts on “Ricoh GR: Silver Efex Preset

  1. Great PP. Beautifully rich files with crisp, contrasty depth and bokeh. I wasn’t sure about this camera until I hit your site; completely sold at this point.

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