For me cameras are all about how they help me create my vision, it’s a tool, a means to an end, and if the ends justifies the means, then in this case, the Ricoh GR, then it so worth it. Today was a relatively cloudy day and for no other reason than I just felt like it, I decided to shoot with one of the GR’s very customizable effects ― Cross Process, here’s a sample. I adjusted the settings in camera and this is the end result with some clarity and sharpening done in Lightroom.  I’ll have a gallery in the next few days. Actually, this is just one of my favorite images already. I’ll be printing it soon. Doesn’t it look like a painting?

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Jazz Man, Ode to Kind of Blue ― 1/800 sec, f4.0, ISO 125 ― Cross Process Effect, Ricoh GR

All photographs by Jorge Ledesma