Letter to GR

I just wanted to write a few words to tell you how I feel. I know its a bit soon but I can hardly contain the joy you bring to my life. I’ve dated many others and even fallen in love once or twice, but for some reason I feel this time is different. You’ve brought purpose and happiness to my life and work. I think about you all the time, when I’m not with you I feel a little something in heart ― I miss you. You’ve come to me at the right stage in my life and for that I want to tell you “thank you.” I promise to respect you, care for you, and always be by your side ― I love you GR.

All photographs by Jorge Ledesma ― Ricoh GR ― Cross Process and BW effects in macro mode mostly, click images to view gallery.

28 thoughts on “Letter to GR

  1. Ok, allrighty then…….so it seems that you have finally seen the light and openly admitted it. Wouter and you both posted how the camera is just a camera. I posted I love my cameras and have a symbiotic relationship with them.

    Knock knock….in comes the GR to Jorge’s door and he’s all giggly and cutesy in love with the camera…..
    sheeeeesh, you guys……..

    1. Oh Don, its love, its unexplainable but its tool at the end of the day. Humbly though, it takes time to wrestle this camera and so far its getting the job done.

      1. What I see my Brother is a grown man that has found the missing link to fulling his visual prophecy.

        Now that you stand with GR in hand, looking thru the door, down the hallway to the light…
        you see the rice paper on the floor and you hear the words from the masters……

        Time to leave grasshopper…………………

          1. My GR arrives tomorrow from my friend in OZ. I will shoot all weekend and then you and I should sneak into Wouter’s backyard and explain what camera love is……

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