Fujifilm X-Series
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Portraits with the XF 35mm and VSCO

XE2_1128_Claudias Baby Shower

Every time I shoot portraits with the XF 35mm I just get a little twinkle in my eye and a smile on my face. Here are a couple from a recent baby shower I was hired to photograph.

Captured with the Fuji X-E2 and processed in ACR and VSCO Film


    • Hey Stefan,

      If you could have both, then get both, if you must pick one then get the XF 23mm now and you can always get the XF 35mm cheaper later. I’m getting an XF 23mm as soon as I can but sooner than later to have both. Good luck, but then again, you can do anything with XF 35mm. In short, you can’t wrong either way.

  1. I bought my 35/1.4 used and was a little surprised about the soft aperture clicks as well, thought maybe it was just because my copy was old but I guess not. Aside from that it’s a really fantastic lens. I switch between it and the 18mm prime, really a fantastic combo.

  2. Stephen McCullough says

    Nicely made photographs. Yes, the XF35 is good. A lens with feeling.

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