Recently, I decided to leave my Nikon D80 kit aside, well actually, its gone, gone with the wind. A couple of weeks ago, I had gone to Metro Zoo and I generally had a great time shooting alonside my 18-105mm lens except for one fact. After 3.5 hours of straight shooting my hand literally felt like I had axed down a redwood.

I remember voicing my concerns to my brother, a diehard Nikonian, who could not really relate. Nonetheless, at that time I knew I had to shoot with something else. Plus, I have to say that ever since acquiring the Ricoh GRD III, the Nikon kit had not seen much action, again not because of the IQ but because its a bulky setup and quite honestly, very tedious to carry and spend time with me, again, at least for yours truly.

"Little Havana" Lumix G1 + Hexanon 28mm

So the question, now is, what do I switch to. I don’t really like the term “switching” as it implies a certain level of jumping around things haphazardly, and that’s not the case whatsoever.

I began analyzing my style of shooting and the things I like to photograph and my choice was quite evident after arriving at those conclusions – m4/3.

Now that the decision had been made, I made a rubric and wrote down the things I absolutely need for the said style of photography – street photography.

1. Comparable IQ to a full blown APS-C sensor
2. Relative speed of autofocus
3. Size, size, size
4. A competent viewfinder
5. Lens choices
6. An articulated screen for those hard to get shots

So with these aforementioned criteria I began to research and that search led me to the Panasonic G1(I should have started with the G2,G3 but I had read it had a touch sensitive menu style which I later found out could be turn off, silly me).

As an extra bonus which I had not really thought about were the use of legacy lenses which I would be able to use and boy, what a sweet surprise it has been.

Anyway, this is my first frame with the Panasonic G1 and the famous Hexanon 28mm. How did I do it? I used a hyperfocal setup and with the aid of the zoom to manual focus, basically set my aperture to f/5.6 and began my photowalk as usual. I must say I very very happy with this setup. So happy, that I’m even considering acquiring an Oly E-P2 or one of the Pens so that all images have the same consistant IQ across whether its Panny or Oly. In the end, the camera is just a tool to create but I’m a firm believer that I must feel totally, 100% at comfortable with such a tool.

Thanks for reading.