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Cuban Barber Shop

Getting a haircut for a man is quite a sensitive event and I would venture to say the same thing about women as well or at least its been my experience. Personally, there is no better place to get a haircut in Miami than this old Cuban Barber Shop filled with a Cuban 1950’s theme which is evident even with their equipment.

Cuban Barber Shop — Lumix G1 + Olympus 17mm

You enter and the typical salute is “Buenos dias mi hermano” which translates in English to “Good morning my brother” and immediately after a hot Cuban expresso called a “Colada” is offered to you. Gotta love that, its like getting a haircut with your grandfather’s friends or something similar.

Blue Coat — Lumix G1 + Olympus 17mm

You drink your “colada” on a day like Saturday which is usually when I go and its packed. You have Bene More’s famous sound which happens to be Dexter’s theme song singing in the background, a true time capsule indeed.

Cuban Barber Shop — Lumix G1 + Olympus 17mm


  1. This type of scene immediately caught my attention having grown up in similar old style locales (South Bronx) with the richness in culture and history inside these places. A great capture.
    I too can attest to the awesomeness of "within the frame" and have been a follower of his blog for some time. Definitely a great book. Another book that might be of interest is "the art of photography" by bruce barnbaum. It coincides with the importance of vision but with more of a refined and deep approach.

  2. [] [] [] Thanks you all, these places down here are certainly one of a kind and I mean that in a funny way.

    [] Gators, nahh, these old timers talk about Cuba all the time, "when I was there . . . ." thanks for your chiming in, Barber Shops are really funny, well at least these old school ones. cheers

  3. Barbershops are my favorite places to photograph although I am not totally comfortable shooting openly. The few remaining genuine barbershops are like men’s sanctuary and the barbers decorate their ‘shrines’ with such interesting details.
    Love how you caught the conversation between the two! I can almost hear them talking about the Gators’ game…

  4. Thanks folks, I really appreciate it. Just as a special note or kind of a briefing of where I’m heading. I started reading David duChemin’s "Within the Frame" which I highly recommend as a guide to develop and fine tune your photographic vision. I started a new set titled "Within the Frame" and its here where I intend to push myself into a new realm. Experimenting, composing, and framing with that end in mind and as my fellow brethren I would love all your criticism whether positve, constructive, or negative, its all well taken. We’re all here to learn from each other and I can honestly say I’ve learned from all of you and others who have participated in my stream. Have a great weekend guys.

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